InMobi offers a $20 eCPM guarantee to app developers

InMobi has launched a new program that provides game developers on a worldwide basis with a $20 eCPM guarantee for their ad inventory in the US. The company says the global program is the first of its kind and uses interstitial creative ad formats to boost a game’s monetization.
Some of the key guidelines of InMobi’s program include:

  • Apps that go live with the InMobi SDK between 1st September 2014 and 31st October 2014 are eligible for the InMobi $20 eCPM Program
  • The Program is only valid for apps on the iOS and Android platforms
  • This Program is valid for 3 calendar months from the date a developer goes live. For Go Live Dates after the 21st of a month, the next month will be considered as the 1st calendar month for this program
  • The $20 eCPM guarantee is applicable for up to 2 million impressions rendered in the US during the 1st calendar month of the program
  • The $20 eCPM guarantee is applicable for interstitial traffic only
  • Ad requests in the 2nd and 3rd months must not be lower than those in the 1st month of the Program
  • Developers’ apps must have a total download base of 100,000 or more to enroll for the program

How InMobi’s $20 eCPM Program works
It’s certainly an interesting guarantee that mobile game developers should look into if they meet the criteria to do so.
For more information on InMobi visit their website here or check out the InMobi profile on our directory

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