InMobi launches in-app video mobile ad platform in Indonesia

InMobi, the mobile advertising and discovery platform, has just launched a new mobile platform for premium in-app video advertising in Indonesia. In addition, the company plans to invest $50 million over the coming five years in the country.
The new platform has been created to boost viewability and interactivity of buffer-free ads. It also offers advanced creative tools that enable marketers to create interactive and shopable mobile video ads using existing assets.
Advertisers could potentially reach 60 million video viewers through InMObi’s partnerships with Viu, Detik, Path, BBM, Baca, LINE and others.
Jayesh Easwaramony, InMobi SVP and MD, APMEA, says:

“The launch of this mobile media platform further strengthens InMobi’s pivotal Transformasi Indonesia marketing plan. As part of this plan, InMobi has already powered over 1.5 million transactions for e-commerce players during the first half of 2017. InMobi also works with the top 15 premium publishers in Indonesia, making it among the top three preferred partners for brands when it comes to mobile marketing.”

91% of digital usage in Indonesia is now mobile. As such, the move is a natural extension of marketers’ needs for a mobile-first video approach. Easwaramony adds:

“Indonesia is one of our fastest growing markets and we are in a dominant position here because of our early bets and strong tech. For these reasons, we decided that Indonesia was the best market for InMobi to pilot and launch our mobile media platform for TV-like video ads.”

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