Influencer marketing pays off for half of fitness and sports brands

Roughly 62% of sportswear and fitness brands have previously used social media influencers in an effort to promote their products, according to research by Awin, the global affiliate network.

Based on the answers from 1,193 business owners and marketers, the survey revealed that almost half (49%) of marketers who had previously used influencers noted an increase in sales. 16% said they had not seen a difference in sales, whilst 35% weren’t sure.

The average lift in sales using influencers was 53% for sports and fitness brands.

“It’s no big surprise that so many sports and fitness brands are using social influencers to help promote their products,” explained head of marketing at Awin Claire Mullan. “It’s encouraging that so many have seen a boost in sales, as this is playing a big part in sports and fitness marketing.”

Respondents were also asked how they compensated influencers for promoting their products. Among the most commonly chosen options were free clothing or merchandise (65%), payment (51%) and discounts (44%).

Over half (52%) of respondents also said that they would increase their influencer marketing spend over the coming months, whilst 33% said they would not change their budget and 11% were looking to decrease ad spend.

Among the top ranking social media platforms were Instagram (45%), Facebook (36%) and YouTube (26%).

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