Influencer campaigns only took small hit of 3% early during pandemic

Anne Freier | August 5, 2020


Social media influencer campaigns have taken a bit of a hit during the earlier stages of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to new insights shared by Forrester, influencer campaigns on social networks dropped 3% during the first quarter of the year when the pandemic was in full swing and lockdowns were being instated.

However, campaign levels returned to normal in April and May.

According to a small poll of 15 marketers, the majority (13) said they would continue to grow their influencer marketing investments this year while the other two expect them to be flat.

Spending on influencer marketing is not expected to decline.

The findings highlight that influencer ads are fairly resilient to the economic aftermath of the pandemic compared to other marketing and advertising formats.

Overall, social media marketing is predicted to decline 10-20% in 2020 due to major advertisers pulling some of their budgets.

However, influencer activities are expected to pick up as half of US adults said they were using social media more during the pandemic than before.

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