Influencer advertising campaigns are on the rise

Influencer marketing campaigns grew a whopping 198% in 2017. Klear, the influencer marketing platform, measured Instagram posts containing the hashtag #ad between 2016 and 2017 and found that influencer ad campaigns had significantly grown.
According to the data, there appears to be a steady 5% growth in influencer ad campaigns on Instagram from month to month.
Meanwhile, women clearly dominate the field with 83.9% of the evaluated posts coming from women. To put this in perspective, overall demographic statistics suggest that 58% of Instagrammers are female.
Klear admits that the data collection was facilitated by new Federal Trade Commission rules which stipulate that all sponsored posts have to carry the #ad or #sponsored hashtag. Interestingly though, the trend of labelling posts as sponsored did not influence growth negatively.

Although fashion and beauty are the top categories when it comes to influencer marketing, fitness and wellness categories are quickly catching up. Among the top ten influencer marketing categories are also food and beverages, automotive, consumer electronics, travel, entertainment, retail and technology.

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