8 Reasons to Increase Your Product Profits or Monetize Inventory with Mobusi

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Posted: February 17, 2017

mobusi mobile advertising is a leading advertising company with a mobile-first and performance mind-set.  As one of the most valued mobile agencies worldwide, we’re able to help increase the volume of qualified users for any app on the market.  We’re also able to monetize the current audience with the best results and innovative formats.
What have we got to offer?

  1. Advertising: We explore all realms! We offer video, both CPI and branding, all ad formats, including playable ads and In-App advertising.  You name it, we do it!
  2. Targets: We pride ourselves on hitting KPIs hard, optimizing every source to ensure the best results for our clients.
  3. Branding: We’re able to run campaigns for brands through SunMedia, who is responsible for Video and Branding at mobusi.  As well as this, we have our own influencer platform, influensi, the newest marketplace on the block – uniting influencers and advertisers alike.
  4. Publishers: We’re able to target the most appropriate ad for your audience, guaranteeing you unmatched eCPMs.
  5. Programmatic: We use our own DSP to speed up the RTB process, and have an extensive list of partners working with us.
  6. Games: Our company Lаb Cave develops video games to suit all audiences, using a whole range of themes, suited to your mobile or tablet.
  7. SMS: Instasent are our leaders in SMS Marketing, with clients being able to connect through our web or our integrated API.
  8. Self-Service: Our self-service platform enables you to buy CPM and CPC traffic with the touch of a button. With worldwide coverage, on all devices using all targeting options, we cover all bases.

Meet us at Hall 8.1 Booth E37 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona!

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