In-feed mobile video adverts are proving their worth

Anne Freier | November 16, 2016

Mobile Advertising

positive mobile
Positive Mobile, the mobile video SSP, has just presented some new data which analyses ad impressions across in-feed mobile video adverts.
According to the results, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) mobile video adverts have reached almost 50% in in-feed mobile video views this quarter, up from 42.6% in the second quarter and 34.5% during Q1 2016.
Tzahi Stein, CEO & Founder, Positive Mobile, says:
tzahi stein
“Digital video has been chasing TV, and these latest numbers show that we’re starting to pull ad dollars from TV from CPG marketers – some of the most sophisticated advertisers with the largest campaign effectiveness research budgets.”
Indeed, numbers by the IAB and PwC show that mobile video noted some tremendous growth of 178% over the last six month.
The Q3 results do portray summer patterns within the beverages sub-categories, according to Positive Mobile. These were up from 37% in the second quarter to 54%. The snacks category grew to 9.1% in Q3 2016, whilst food subcategory dropped slightly from 15.1% in Q2 to 11.3% in Q3.
CPG approaches mobile video tipping point
positive mobile
Consumer electronics noted a hike from 7.6% in Q2 to 13.8% in Q3 as shoppers purchased more electronic devices.
Positive Mobile also found that advertisers targeted millennials more heavily during the third quarter.
According to overall CPG ad categories, the leading in-feed mobile video subcategories are Beverages (54%) followed by Personal Care (13.4%), Food (11.3%), Snacks (9.1%) and Cleaning Products (4.8%).
Snacks and Beverage categories CPG
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