In-app user engagement just got the Storyly treatment

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Posted: January 29, 2020

App Samurai, an ad tech company, that was invested in by 500 Startups and Techstars, just released the global launch of its latest product, Storyly on Tuesday 28th of January. Storyly helps app owners boost app engagement through humans’ innate attraction to ‘stories’. 

Storyly aims to maximize in-app user engagement, through stories. With Storyly, app owners can easily create, and measure stories, and place them directly into their app. For many apps, that are monetized with the various freemium models, in-app engagement is often a crucial variable affecting app revenue. To allow app owners to experience the transformative power that stories can have on your users, Storyly has opened up a free three-month trial, via product hunt. 

Storyly has a host of design tools, elements and layouts, in order to easily curate dynamic, relevant and eye-catching in-app stories. Then, with a simple, drag and drop method, app owners can add these ‘stories’ to their app and duplicate them as desired. These ‘stories’ can also be measured by Storyly, opening up previously unchartered territory for many app-owners that were previously unable to measure the effectiveness of in-app campaigns. 

Storyly has decided to focus on in-app engagement, as the poster child and gauge of effective business, marketing, and advertising strategy and execution. In-app engagement is also crucial to many app’s monetization strategies, that often rely on in-app advertising, rewarded video ads,  subscriptions or in-app purchases via the freemium model.

According to Buildfire, 90% of mobile time is spent on apps. Although an average of 60-90 apps are installed on user devices, users are only engaging with, on average, 30 apps per month. This shows both the reliance and heavy use of apps, yet the fierce competition to retain user engagement. 

Freemium apps also make up the majority share of not only the number of downloads, but also the market-share of app revenue. Thus, engagement, as the cornerstone of the freemium monetization strategy, is key to app success. 

Source: АdColony via Business of Apps.

Shows the distribution of app revenue. Paid apps were only rated as a 22% effective monetization strategy, compared to one of the freemium methods of rewarded videos ads, having 75% effectiveness. 

Storyly thinks that stories are the most current, yet innate method of user engagement. Why? Because it is a tried and true method, that has survived for centuries. Stories have been documented throughout history, and history has been documented throughout stories. From Homer’s Odyessy to the ‘Father of History’, Herodotus, stories have been the vehicle for information and human attention for years. 

There was a race, to acquire the ‘story’ space in the modern marketplace, with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, racing to fill the gap opened up by Snapchat’s decline. Eventually, Instagram won. 

“We identified a need in the market for genuine in-app user engagement. Throughout history, people have always been connected to stories, and this connection still flows within the veins of modern consumers today and is expressed through the popularity of apps, such as Instagram. We have drawn inspiration from ‘stories’ to solve the burgeoning problems of decreased consumer attention span, and increased competition and reliance on apps” said Cansu Tetik, App Samurai and Storyly Product Manager. 

On the day of launch, Storyly became the number three product launched on product hunt, which may be an indication of a genuine consumer need that is being addressed.

Storyly exists in a time and place, where marketing and advertising is murky, yet, we still have an unquenchable need for results and revenue. User engagement presents as a reliable metric, to not only track advertising and marketing effectiveness, but is also the foundation of the popular freemium monetization model of apps. 

At the heart of it, however, Storyly simply wants to connect apps with their users, proving them with the best in-app user experience. 

To get app owners, used to the transformative power, stories can have on your users, Storyly has opened up a free three-month trial, via product hunt. Feedback, questions and comments are also highly welcome – please email

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