In-app rewarded ads are preferred over social media ads

Anne Freier | February 13, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Around two-thirds (64%) of mobile gamers would rather shop via a brand than through a third-party retailer, according to a survey based on the answers of 11,000 mobile users by app monetisation company Tapjoy.

The study found that over 80% of mobile customers subscribe to at least one clothing or lifestyle service. Over half (70%) are also interested in trying a new subscription product.

Meanwhile, in-app rewarded ads were deemed more effective than social media ads, because customers preferred the reward-based exchange for viewing ads.

Around 64% of consumers also said they would be more likely to engage with an in-app rewarded ad than a social media sponsored post for retail advertisers.

There also appear to be distinct generational differences with millennials more likely to use one to four subscription services for clothing and lifestyle products (83%). Meanwhile, Gen Z (84%) uses mobile devices regularly to shop for clothes and lifestyle products.

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