In-app ad spend rose 47% in Q4 2019 PubMatic reveals at OpenWrap SDK launch

Anne Freier | February 25, 2020

Mobile Advertising

PubMatic, the digital ad platform for app developers and publishers, has just launched its OpenWrap SDK to roll out header bidding for mobile in-app ads

OpenWrap SDK enables multiple demand sources through server-side header bidding based on Prebid.

In initial testing with Scores App, the new solution doubled eCPM rates and exceeded CPM goals by 35%.

“OpenWrap SDK removes the barriers often created when integrating multiple demand partners, meeting measurability requirements, and fixing poor user experiences with server-side header bidding technology,” said Nishant Khatri, Senior Vice President of Product Management, PubMatic. “Many app developers have struggled while trying to build in-app header bidding solutions on their own, due to lack of expertise and technical specialization in programmatic. With PubMatic, publishers get a unified, streamlined technology that maximizes performance and revenue.”

At the same time, the company has published its latest Quarterly Mobile Index Report which shows that in-app ad spend rose 47% over Q4 2019 driven by in-app ads (+62%).

Meanwhile, mobile header bidding ad spend rose to 55% up from 49% in the previous quarter. In-app header bidding spending doubled in Q3 2019 across Android and iOS platforms.

According to the report, holiday shopping surged two weeks before Black Friday with ad spend spiking 25% above the Q4 average.

“Mobile is increasingly playing a starring role across digital channels, with in-app video ads leading the way. Mobile header bidding surpassed desktop for the first time, and mobile shoppers set a record for early holiday shopping,” said Paulina Klimenko, SVP of Corporate Development and General Manager for Mobile at PubMatic. “We understand the strategic value of mobile for our publishers and advertisers, and are excited to deliver innovative solutions to take advantage of this growth in the near term.”

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