In-app ad spend increases 38% bolstered by programmatic

Anne Freier | October 30, 2018

Marketers increased their mobile video ad spend by 41% during Q2 2018 across the Chocolate Marketplace, according to the latest findings by the company’s Programmatic Mobile Video Advertising Insights for Marketers report.

As acceptance and confidence in the success of the format has grown, advertisers are more likely to up their budgets for mobile video.

The report also found that programmatically sold inventory across the Marketplace rose 35% during the reporting period.

Indeed, the shift to programmatic means that 90% of programmatic auctions are now dominated by apps. Similarly 86% of programmatic mobile web spend is led by apps.

Meanwhile, in-app ad spend jumped 38% for the second quarter of 2018.

In 2018, the majority of US mobile programmatic display ad spend came from programmatic direct transaction methods ($20.06 billion), followed by real-time bidding ($12.72 billion), open exchanges ($6.11 billion) and private marketplaces ($5.24 billion).

Overall, private marketplace ad spend increased 62% whilst impressions jumped 50%. Direct inventory grew 474% and eCPMs for publishers were up 12% for apps and 5% for mobile web.

However, viewability is still at the centre of marketer’s key concerns with programmatic formats. As more marketers are turning to in-app advertising, viewability measurements are also becoming more widely available (+60%).

Chocolate also noted that the top advertisers by category in terms of ad spend percentage growth were retail (+315%), travel and leisure (+149%) and auto (+85%).

The results are based on an analysis of more than 166 billion auctions during Q2 2018 across the Chocolate Marketplace, a programmatic buying and selling platform for mobile video ads.

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