In 2016 Pokémon Go attracted more peak users than all the major TV networks in the U.S.

More people in the U.S. played Pokémon Go last year, than watched most major ad-supported TV channels at prime time. This surprising statistic comes from Chartboost’s latest report on the mobile games industry.

The graphic shows the extent with which mobile games are engaging audiences at key times, over prime time TV. CBS, the most popular ad-supported network on Chartboost’s list, managed around seven or eight million daily average prime time views. Pokémon Go had more than 19 million daily peak users.

Chartboost says in its report:

“Mobile games are reaching unprecedented scale, often larger than well established traditional channels for brands. Take a traditional channel such as television, where the top four U.S. ad-supported TV networks are losing their edge to the reach of mobile games.”

Candy Crush and Draw Something, at their peak in 2013 and 2012 respectively, also easily beat all  four networks. Clash Royale in 2016 almost matched Fox’s viewer numbers, but was beaten by ABC, NBC, and CBS.

The number of mobile game players is on the increase too. This year, 69% of smartphone owners playing at least once a month in the U.S., a figure Chartboost expects to rise to 75% in 2018 and 77% in 2020.

Chartboost calls mobile gaming, “an opportunity for brands to connect with advantageous customers in a moment of maximum engagement.” The complete report, entitled Dissecting the Mobile Gaming Audience,” can be downloaded here.

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