Immersive in-game ads touted for growth in 2021

Anne Freer | December 3, 2020

App Marketing

Immersive in-game advertising is still seen as one of the most important monetisation tools with 46% of game developers considering it a key opportunity for 2021.

That’s according to new research from brand advertising platform AdInMo.

The survey data confirms that in-app purchases (66%) and in-game ads (54%) were the most popular monetisation forms among app marketers. However immersive ads such as dynamic in-game formats are expected to attract higher budgets in 2021.

Interstitials (33%) and rewarded videos (40%) were the most popular in-game formats. But more than a quarter of developers are also keen to test dynamic in-game ads over the coming six months.

Casual and hyper-casual mobile games are driving this trend while 62% of developers plant to integrate new ad formats.

“If gamers can’t or won’t actively spend on in-game content, advertising is the best method of generating revenue,” said Kristan Rivers, CEO of AdInMo.

“Developers clearly hate having to interrupt the player experience or worse force players to leave the game. InGamePlay brand ads are click-free and allow developers to earn new revenues, advertisers to engage new mobile audiences and most importantly players to carry on playing.”

App makers that focus on freemium games are particularly keen on performance marketing ads that do not interrupt gameplay (75%), followed by ease of SDK integration (66%).

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