How iFood supercharges its Customer Acquisition in Brazil by partnering with Mobrain by Headway

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Posted: January 16, 2017

Officially launched one year ago in Brazil, Mobrain, the international leading mobile marketing platform, has delivered more than 66.5 thousand new customers to iFood in three months.
iFood, Brazil’s biggest food delivery platform is strongly oriented around innovation. To meet the ever changing challenges of the digital era it has chosen a new format of digital campaigns also driven by innovation: Headway, a data driven mobile media company, which initiated its operations in Brazil four months ago.

“Although the Brazilian market accounts for 45% of advertising revenue across Latin America, we preferred to establish ourselves first in countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico”, said Martin Kogan, CEO and co-founder of Headway.  “It was a strategic decision so we could gain experience and truly understand the region, before venturing into such an important market”, he continued.

This approach proved to be beneficial for Headway.  As a new player in the Brazilian market it has already obtained massive results with iFood.  The company approached Headway to acquire more users and increase user acquisition.  In three months of mobile ad campaigns ran by Headway, this food delivery app gained 66.5 thousand new active users and achieved an aggressive increase in food deliveries.
One of the successes of the campaign is that Headway focused on generating orders for iFood, not simply app installs.  With Mobrain’s technology, Headway was able to obtain highly engaged users that used the application to conveniently get food orders to their doorsteps.
At the same time, Mobrain Genius technology by Headway collects and analyzes large sets of real-time data, covering all aspects of user behavior and other available information on a smartphone. This in-house fraud prevention and detection tool, roots out fraudulent activity and guarantees the client only pays for truly engaged users.

The opportunity to land in Brazil came with the launch of Mobrain, a mobile programmatic purchase solution that is the result of six years of investment and was developed with proprietary Headway codes. “The tool resolves the problem of audience fragmentation, which is spread among hundreds of apps and mobile web browsing. All this fragmentation hinders the generation of scale for the advertiser”, assures Kogan.  “In addition to delivering mobile media campaigns, in Headway we work with geolocation, which allows mapping the physical displacement of users so that published ads are served in an assertive manner”, he added.

To obtain these impressive results for iFood, Headway used, a programmatic platform for media buying. The campaign was totally data driven, from users’ behavior to geolocation. With this intelligence tool, ads were selected and presented in an unerring way, atracting users quickly. The advertising formats used were displays, native ads (sponsored advertising inside editorial content) and video.

“We had a dedicated team to follow the buying strategies, tests and scale in real time”, said Andrea Orsolon, Managing Director, Headway Brazil. “We constantly modified the content of the ads according to each audience. This is an extremely effective strategy that is only possible thanks to data driven technology like Mobrain”, she ensured.
“Headway delivered an exceptional result, and overcame all of our expectations”, affirmed Cristina Sider, Senior Marketing Analyst for iFood S/A.

About Headway
Headway is the leading company in developing marketing powered by technology. Its mobile media platform, made in house, is integrated with partners of data sources, to guarantee to the clients, app user acquisition, through relevant mobile ads that can guide the consumers to interact with brands. Headway delivers mobile media campaigns with geolocation based in GPS, behavior by real displacement, acquisition for apps, with creative formats to achieve the right audience, taking advantage of what mobile technology has to offer globally, and also guarantee a 98% reach of global inventory. Headway is present all over the world with 18 offices: Argentina, Barcelona, Brazil, san Francisco, Miami, Israel, Miami, San Francisco, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Equador, Peru, Paraguay, Panamá y Dominican Republic.
About iFood
iFood, Brazil’s leading online food delivery platform, allows food orders by internet and mobile apps inside iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The company counts with the participation of groups like Movile – one of the world’s biggest mobile application groups – and Just EAT – world’s biggest online orders group, with an estimated market value of US$4 billion. Today, the company is in more than 100 cities of Brazil. It counts with more than 10 thousand active restaurants. iFood registers about 2.5 million orders monthly and transacts R$850 million with the restaurants. The goal is to expand the service to other cities and states of the country, achieving more than 25 thousand places and food chains until the end of 2016.

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