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Posted: April 6, 2016

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More the users are addicted to mobile phones; the more they are getting dependent on apps to do usual activities in the well-organized way. This augments the demands for more development in customer and enterprise mobile applications, and app developer always eager to find different and productive ways to build dynamic yet high-quality applications.


Mobile devices and related techniques are getting a frequent makeover, and so the platforms and tools are upgrading which resulted in developing many varieties of apps for different platforms. The Apple devices are emerged as the most popular devices for which developers are striving to create a new age app.

From a decade, Apple devices powered by iOS put other devices in the shade and become significant platform for apps. Most likely users feel privileged in using iOS applications, so to develop an app in iOS platform may be the right decision for your enterprise. Developers are brainstorming to provide a quality supported by latest tools. A perfect tool saved in our developers list to develop an iOS app that can boost the performance of an app is Xcode.

Xcode – One and only world famous iOS app instrument of development for Apple devices. Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) introduced by Apple for iOS applications. Xcode is a pool of tools to manage the development process of iOS apps —from creating the app, to testing, optimizing, and submitting it to the App Store. The Xcode process toolkit is the combination of code editing, asset management, testing, UI design, and error free development process for the apps.

Xcode has the compatibility with the programming languages – Swift, Objective-C, C++, etc., that are used to develop iOS apps. Among them, Swift is the most trendy programming language for iOS apps, where iOS developers are opting Swift very swiftly for developing app based on iOS,but now they prefer to use the latest version– Swift 2.2. The coding with the assistance of Swift is short, expressive and result-oriented. Swift offers a broad range of features such as error handling model, syntax, protocol extensions, availability check, testability, etc.

Interface Builder acts as a designer in Xcode script. It is a visual design editor, used to create the layout of iOS apps. Interface Builder creates the UI phase of an app by collecting windows, views, controls, menus, and other elements from a library of a configurable object.

Xcode is best of its kind as it creates a bug-free app for iOS devices. There’s a source editor in Xcode, which starts working right after you enter the code. It will scrutinize the mistakes (if any), highlight them and try to fix them.

Testing is the next important step in development workflow. After writing the code, fixing problems and creating a layout of the app, the testing process looks forward for testing all the functions, performance, and user interface of the app.

Xcode builds of enriched features, making the developmental exercises easier for iOS developers. Xcode is integrated with auto saving mode and source management model. You might lose in writing code and designing, but Xcode takes care of changes and saves them automatically. Secondly, Xcode source management includes two practical control systems – Git & Subversion, in which developers have an access to remote Git and Subversion repositories to create local ones.

There’s a document viewer in Xcode tool, which gives the detailed technical information in front of the desktop. As the documentation is in detailed version, it includes programming guide, tutorials, sample code, API references and video presentations to guide developers.

Last but not the least, after the long yet easy process of development, Xcode helps your app for TestFlight and submission of your app on the app store. Although, iOS developers need to make sure that they must be working on the latest version of Xcode – Xcode 7. Xcode 7 is a kit of advanced and improved features, which comes into existence to make web solutions compatible with the current technologies.


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