IAB updates viewability specifications for mobile rich media ads and more

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has just updated its Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) specifications which establish guidance on in-app advertising for rich media ad experiences. MRAID 3.0 is the API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps.
Originally launched in 2011, the idea behind MRAID was to enable ad creators to produce creative which could be run cross-platform.
Now in its 3rd version, MRAID has evolved quite substantially to include ad expansion, resizing, native features, as well as device orientation and full-screen interstitial ad support.
Following a public commentary period, MRAID 3.0 aims to further improve the user experience for designers and consumers.
Some of its updated features include viewability support which lets advertisers measure viewability of their creative as per industry standards. Audibility measurements have also been added to help drive an understanding of the user content and use audio in ads without disrupting the end-user experience.
The IAB also added a standardised close button to ensure consumers can easily exit an ad. In addition, ads can now inform the host ad container of any errors and initiate an exit. Basic information about the environment such as SDK, IFA and COPPA can be accessed.
In addition, stricter events implementation sequences have been added and guidance for pre-fetched ads ensures that ads are only shown when fully loaded.
Location data and video advertising format integrations are also among the latest additions.
The IAB says that the MRAID committee will be working to create a new set of compliance ads that can be used for certifying SDKs. In addition, it is working on new best practices to provide additional guidance on implementing features.
Aron Schatz, Senior Product Manager at ViralGains, said in a blog post:

“MRAID is about empowering publishers and consumers, as well as the advertisers. The MRAID standard is compatible with industry standards such as the DAA Ad Marker Implementation Guidelines for Mobile. When you combine all of the above with the new MRAID compliance and certification process from the IAB Tech Lab, MRAID will truly become the ‘write once, run anywhere’ standard.”

MRAID 3.0 is backwards compatible and available right now.

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