IAB UK launches Transparency initiative for mobile and digital ad buyers

The UK’s Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has just rolled out a new tool that helps buyers of digital ads to better understand the value chain. Transparency FAQs have been developed to address issues such as the tech tax, which has caused confusion among advertisers in the country.

The FAQs are based on 20 questions provided by IAB members Inskin, Integral Ad Science, OpenX, Rubicon Project, Teads, Unruly and others.

The questions include core areas such as pricing, placement, data usage, business model as well as brand safety and GDPR regulations.

“The Transparency FAQs is a voluntary initiative that we hope ad tech companies will embrace as they will help buyers understand the landscape more easily,” concluded Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer, IAB UK, concluded.

“They’re not a silver bullet or cure for issues around transparency, but we think they’re a useful step forward. The answers to the FAQs will enable buyers to compare the policies and attitudes of ad tech companies in the same way that you might use the John Lewis site to compare vacuum cleaners before making a purchase. The initiative was born out of the IAB Leadership Summit in 2018 and we’ll continue to develop our work in this space at the forthcoming 2019 IAB UK Leadership Summit in March.”

Ultimately, the questions aim to help businesses become more transparent.

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