IAB Tech Lab launches tool to let marketers test their mobile ad creatives for best practices

The IAB Technology Laboratory recently launched a new tool to enable marketers to test their mobile and desktop ad creative against the IAB Display Creative Guidelines. The new HTML5 Ad Validator critically evaluates an ad to help campaigners provide an improved user experience.
The IAB Tech Lab publishes HTML5 Ad Validator
Source: iab.com
The HTML5 Ad Validator works by taking multiple inputs to validate an ad – zipped ad packages or JavaScript ad tags. It then examines IAB Display Creative Guidelines recommendations for file weight, requests, shared libraries, progressive video, ad load and sub-load.
Scott Cunningham, General Manager, IAB Tech Lab, and Senior Vice President, Technology and Ad Operations, IAB, says:
scott cunningham

“As the industry rallies around the need for optimal user experience, the HTML5 Ad Validator will play a vital role. Ads that are designed with load time, file weight and other key elements top-of-mind will break through the clutter across digital screens.”

In addition, the tool offers insight on file types (images, JavaScript etc), URLs accessed by the ad, snapshots of ad display, click tags or links to specific landing pages and CPU usage.
Steven S. Suthiana, Global Head, Digital Media and Operations, Mansueto Ventures, Publisher of Fast Company and Inc. Magazines, and Co-Chair of the IAB Display Creative Guidelines Working Group, adds:
steven suthiana

“The HTML5 Ad Validator will further accelerate the rapid adoption of HTML5. This tool makes it easier than ever to ensure that ad creative written in HTML5 meets critical guidelines – addressing factors that can make the difference between a good ad and a great one.”

Going hand in hand with the launch, the IAB Tech Lab has partnered up with the IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence to release an update to the HTML5 for Digital Advertising report, which offers advice on ad development in HTML5 and includes tips for better ad load.
Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB, concludes:

“HTML5 is at the foundation of today’s cross-screen creative. The combination of the HTML5 Ad Validator and the update to the HTML5 for Digital Advertising paper will prove to be powerful assets for the industry, as consumers demand better user experience across screens and advertisers require seamless creative to support that demand.”

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