IAB launches Messenger App Working Group for advertising framework provision

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has launched a Messenger App Working Group which is made up of members of its native advertising, social media and mobile committees. Together, they are hoping to create a document that helps marketers to understand what messaging apps are exactly and the best ways to use them to reach consumers.
Messaging apps on growth path
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Source: businessinsider.com
According to BI Intelligence, the top four messaging apps have now surpassed the top four social networking apps in monthly active users.
The project is being led by Co-Chairs Michelina Mantas/LinkedIn, David Kalmar, PhD/Emogi and Yinon Horwitz/StartApp. The preparation of said document will be the first step and act as an evaluation framework that can be expanded over time.
IAB says that the group consists of 40 members and has had two meetings already, realising that there is much to take into consideration when evaluation the marketing options available for messaging apps. Among the areas it’s actively discussing, the group aims to provide answers to what messaging apps are, their defining characteristics, the marketing opportunities available whether they’re paid, owned or earned, how marketers can advertise and measure their ads and where chat bots fit in.
In addition, IAB plans to reach out to messaging app firms to find out what questions they get from publishers and brands.
In a blog post, IAB writes:

While there is undoubtedly great variation between the apps and the marketing opportunities they create, we believe we will find that that the top questions that are asked are the same regardless of the type of messaging app. This document will provide a general framework to help answer those questions, helping the sell side sell and the buy side buy.

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