IAB launches guidebook for playable ad format

The IAB has released a new guidebook for the playable ad format which is an interactive ad format that allows consumers to engage by making a purchase or opting in to a loyalty programme.

As consumers are spending around 3.5 hours using their mobile devices on a daily basis, the format taps into their expectations for improved engagement.

Benefits of playable ads include higher engagement rates as the format combines interactivity with gamification.

They also make a more positive impact on the brand-consumer relationship creating a lasting impact and are deemed more brand-safe.

Importantly, seven out of 10 advertisers consider playable ads to be effective on mobile according to an AdColony report cited in the playbook.

Fraud and brand safety are addressed in playable ad formats with the integration of MRAID 3.0 and the OM SDK format. The ad format is also more difficult for bots to infiltrate because of its interactive nature.

The full guidebook is available here.

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