Huawei is spending $1.5 billion on app development

Anne Freier | February 3, 2020

App Development

Huawei says it will invest $1.5 billion into the development of apps for its smartphones as it tries to replace Google’s Android core apps swiftly.

The Chinese smartphone maker will have to develop its own apps after the US blocked it from using US technologies following security concerns.

Apps such as Google’s YouTube and Map will no longer be allowed to be shipped with new Huawei devices.

That’s why the company has decided to launch a programme offering big cash rewards for developers who can act quickly.

But it won’t be an easy task. Companies such as Nokia and Microsoft both previously didn’t fare well creating their own smartphone operating systems.

Huawei will technically continue to be allowed Android as its main OS, however, it won’t be allowed to include the main apps that tend to come pre-installed.

Experts aren’t convinced that Huawei will fare well with its decision to go down a different route, partially because consumers are so used to mainstream apps by Google and because the effort requires a huge budget.

However, whilst the move may restrict the company’s Western reach, it already sells its phones without these apps in China since YouTube and co. are blocked.

Apparently, Huawei is offering $20,000 in development costs per app with a deadline of 31th January 2020.

If Huawei has been successful in its search remains to be seen.

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