HQ Trivia app is back with new investors

Anne Freier | April 2, 2020

App Business

HQ Trivia, the trivia game app, has been resurrected just a month after it became clear the app would shut down.

Users of the app late last week received a push notification to tell them about a new game going live.

Subsequently, one of its founders Rus Yusupov confirmed that the app would continue in a tweet.


It appears that the app is not just back for one game, but back for good after a private investor acquired the company.

Launched in 2017, HQ Trivia became one of the top quiz apps offering live games that rewarded gamers with cash prizes.

However, the death of co-founder Colin Kroll and internal issues led to the announcement earlier this year that the app would not continue.

After a lead investor pulled out, HQ Trivia faced certain closure.

There had been rumours back in February that the app may be brought back thanks to new investment interests, but until now nothing had been certain. The news will delight fans of the app no doubt and could attract new players as coronavirus keeps people in lockdown with more times on their hands to play games. 

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