How Yeahmobi’s New Remarketing Tool Will Improve Your ROI This Shopping Season

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Partner Post - Yeahmobi - Make the most of the shopping season

Posted: November 15, 2016

For e-businesses, the battle is about to begin: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas sales are on the way! To facilitate ecommerce marketing, Yeahmobi is introducing a new remarketing platform – YeahTargeter, that improves your ROI.
So how does it achieve the goal it promises?
First, YeahTargeter integrates premium traffic sources including Facebook and Google, and works with an optimized launching strategy according to the different ROI target.
The platform has seen clients increase their ROI by 50% during the trial period.  This is because it features machine learning and digitalization.
In addition, the platform optimizes creatives to make them stand out. YeahTargeter’s in-house design team has added a festival template, trendy elements, and innovative items to make creatives attractive. The system is fully automated and it creates, optimizes and reports automatically without constant management.
With YeahTargeter, users can also use an A/B test to compare results with different settings such as format, bid, product line, creative, etc., to select the best launching method.
The new YeahTargeter has already gone through a year’s testing, and now has finally been unveiled. You can try out YeahTargeter for a month with Yeahmobi’s trial.
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