How Weeder Match app became #1 on the China Top Games chart in 1 week

Partner Post - ModooPlay Leading Mobile Game Publisher

Posted: August 12, 2019

In July, a hyper-casual game titled Weeder Match hit No.1 on both iOS game download chart and casual-game download chart in China region. To achieve such stunning results, Weeder Match and its publisher, ModooPlay, took only several days. As an idle game, Weeder Match’s gameplay is similar to those of its counterparts: by throwing darts and upgrade lawn mowers, players harvest gold coins and continuously improve harvesting efficiency. How did it stand out? ModooPlay’s publishing manager reveals the secrets for the first time.


Considering that a significant number of young players will emerge in the upcoming Chinese school holidays, ModooPlay recommended Weeder Match’s developers to try the lucrative yet unsaturated China market. And because Weeder Match’s yellow-greenish artistic style brings a refreshing feeling on blistering days, ModooPlay rated the game’s potential to flourish as A-grade.


First, ModooPlay worked closely with developers to localize Weeder Match. In addition to translating with trending vocabulary or sound bites, ModooPlay improved the game’s UI design, such as the position of turntable buttons, according to Chinese users’ preferences. Moreover, ModooPlay suggested increasing the diversity of gameplay. Players can “purchase” classic bouncers, Captain America’s shield, etc. or even customize the dart’s appearance with accumulated coins, boosting user engagement.

Marketing & UA

And to acquire users on a large scale, on one hand, ModooPlay designed creative playable ads and added popular background sound effects, emojis and live comments to attract Chinese users; on the other, ModooPlay leveraged its self-built Real-time Big Data Analysis System to enable precision marketing. Through analyzing terabytes of data, ModooPlay profiles and segments users accurately according to devices, operating systems, user interests & characteristics and other parameters. Reaching the highest-value users is guaranteed.

Profitability is one of the most important factors for developers. ModooPlay conducted multiple rounds of A/B tests within a short period to implement the best strategies for time and location advertisements appear etc. To redeem diamonds, players need to watch popped-up advertisements and draw lotteries. Rewarded videos encourage players to watch ads more actively, so developers can get higher IPUs and revenue without compromising user experience.

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