How To Monetize 3G Mobile Traffic

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Posted: September 1, 2016

Neale Fernandes is a business development manager at Mobobeat. He has previously worked with Panasonic Avionics Corporation, Dubai. He works with on the CPA advertising model model on both advertiser and publisher fronts.

3G mobile traffic is much more valuable than Wi-Fi traffic. Make sure you get the best ROI by running the right type of ads. Ensure that your ad network can split traffic based on mobile carrier; so that you get the best offers for all carriers.
Last year, mobile traffic data grew by 74% accoring to Cisco Virtual Networking Index whitepaper. At the country level, Indonesia, China, and India led global growth at 129, 111, and 89 percent, respectively. About 50% of this data comes from mobile carriers and the rest comes from Wi-Fi. With so much of mobile carrier traffic, it is important for a publisher, webmaster, app developer or media buyer to know how to monetize it effectively. The primary question that confronts him is “what type of offer should I run on this carrier traffic?”
CPI v/s CPA offers
CPA is a pricing model where the advertiser pays for a specified action like a registration, in-app sale etc. CPI is a more precise version of CPA where the advertiser pays when the user installs his app. CPA pays three to four times more than CPI depending on the region; so if you are running CPI offers on 3G traffic, you are acutely losing out on earnings.
Although most ad networks are out there making big bucks on the CPI business, a few of them are carving a niche for themselves in the CPA business. Mobobeat is one of those companies specializing in the mobile content CPA business. The desired action of these campaigns is to get users to subscribe to a paid service by which they will receive great mobile content like videos, ringtones, games, wallpapers etc. The peculiarity of these CPA subscription offers is that they are intended to work on mobile carrier data (although many campaigns have a separate conversion flow for Wi-Fi). Many of these offers have to be targeted to particular carrier traffic only. This traffic usually is more expensive than Wi-Fi traffic. So if you are publisher, webmaster, app developer or media buyer and are looking to monetize your 3G/4G traffic, make sure you work with a network which can split 3G traffic based on carrier to increase your ROI.
Mobobeat top 3G traffic top offers

 Conversion Flows
As a publisher looking to monetize 3G traffic, make sure you don’t get tempted to run an offer looking at the payout alone. The payout of a campaign is generally linked to the conversion flow. Generally, the more complex the flow, the higher the payout.
Once users subscribe to the offer, they get charged from their prepaid or postpaid balance of their mobile phone. If they are connected via Wi-Fi, the number of steps to complete the subscription is more since the user will have to enter his mobile number, billing information, etc. As a result the conversion rate and eCPM drops. One click flow subscription offers have the highest conversion rate followed by two click flows. Keep this in mind before choosing an offer to run.
Mobobeat pointer: If you are not able to split traffic according to mobile carrier, use our global smart link solution and get the revenue your traffic truly deserves. With advanced carrier targeting and the best offers in the market, we guarantee the best eCPM for your traffic. 
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