How to increase your advertising network mediation strategy?

Mopub, the mobile publisher platform, just released some new findings which highlight the complexity of the monetisation landscape for publishers. A partnership with an ad network can be vital to an app publisher’s success.
According to the study, 53% of publishers work with 2-5 networks. Although there’s no set-rate of networks publishers should work with, generally, those who have partnered with just one ad network have lower fill rates and potential ROI. Those working with multiple networks may increase their chances of success, but also the complexity of managing their apps.
Over half of publishers work with more than one ad network
47% of all ad network impressions during the final quarter 2015 came from AdMob, Millennial and Facebook Audience Network, making them the top three networks.
Mopub also found that impression volume across the top three ad networks varied widely by region. Where traffic is low, publishers could use the opportunity to work with more than just the top three.
Is the ad network effective in your target region?
In addition, publishers should watched out for format strengths across their chosen ad networks. Some can deliver native ads, whilst others are better on banners.
Mopub adds that advertisers tend to invest their inventory where click-through rates are higher, because that helps drive conversions and ultimately publisher revenue.
CTR ranges

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