How to Fuse Mobility in Your Organization

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Posted: December 6, 2017

According to a report, mobile devices increase the productivity of workers by 87%. Mobile applications have transformed the way business is done. The myriad benefits added by apps have enabled traditional businesses to turn up to mobility. Employees are treated with new ways which are welcomed and accepted by them with a smile. No doubt, the level of ease that is added by mobile applications to businesses is enormous, but along with transformed procedures, there comes a series of challenges.

Overcoming these challenges is a task for management. How to negate the ill effect of mobility on business is the main concern for every organization whether it’s a startup or a full-fledged company of hundred employees. Hence, to get you off the ground and go about the mobility journey well, we have listed few tips so that your business doesn’t suffer at any point in time and you reap endless mobility benefits.

Mobile strategy that works

Strategizing is crucial to satisfy your mobility urges and overcoming related challenges. Begin with a team of strategists, address the concerning points and extract valuable insights from where you can move forward to enterprise app development. Let everyone chip in with their points and thoughts that can be later analyzed. Before proceeding, make sure you are aware of the improvement areas, application use cases, security procedures to be included and app development partner.

Mobile architecture

It is vital to have a comprehensive structure to gain a stronghold of devices present in a BYOD environment. It is sometimes challenging to monitor and manage each and every device, which reduces efficiency instead of improving. Hence, with a stable mobile architecture, these problems can be kept at bay giving enterprises the freedom to work in a progressive manner while keeping everything under surveillance.

Mobile security

Undoubtedly, one of the crucial aspects when incorporating mobility into your organization. With mobility and enterprise app development, a lot of devices come in the picture which may or may not be on secure networks. Hence, it becomes crucial to embed security procedures which can’t be breached easily. The role of VPN becomes important here that helps in securing mobile data. Plus, your organization’s data will be protected and secured only if enterprise mobility and mobile device management are done correctly. Remote wiping is an important feature to have in case the devices at work get stolen.

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Enterprise app development

Before you proceed for the main task, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • Does it make sense to build an enterprise mobile app?
  • How do you plan security of your app?
  • What are your plans to verify and approve devices for accessing enterprise data?
  • How to plan to detect and disapprove fraudulent devices and apps?

A satisfying answer to each of the above-mentioned questions will set the tone for successful enterprise app development, and you’ll start on the right note straight away.

Monitoring mechanism

It has been observed that work efficiency significantly increases when employees are allowed to bring their device to work and access the apps that are important for accomplishing their routine tasks. However, doing so raises several questions about enterprise data security. This creates a need for a system that monitors the devices on a timely basis and acts accordingly to deny access to every suspicious or malicious device.

Final words

A business that successfully integrates mobile procedures is assumed to register better growth numbers, have satisfied employees and happy customers. There is no reason for you to not switch and adopt mobile methodology in today’s customer-focused market. Improve organizational productivity and employee satisfaction with mobility.

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