How to Earn More With Your Mobile Traffic

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Partner Post - Black6Adv Mobile advertising network

Posted: December 5, 2016

How many times you just ask yourself : what am I doing wrong? Why I’m still chasing companies to be paid?  How can I raise my revenues selling my online traffic?
The answer is easy but not that obvious. You just haven’t searched in every hidden corner of the web.
Sometimes, you take for granted that the leaders in the market will pay more and quickly than the others, and that the payment is always ensured. This is for sure, but you have to work under their rules, without objections or special requests.
How to increase revenue on a mobile traffic?

You are giving them the complete control of your online traffic.
Now, why don’t you start looking a little wider?
Looking outside your safe circle, you will find out that there are lots of companies able to satisfy your business needs, inside a worldwide advertising network that will help you grow, and improve your earnings.
Black6adv is a great advertising network solution.
This user-friendly advertising platform offers several benefits :

  • Weekly payments. Never underestimate this possibility! Lots of companies works with end-of-month payments or NET30 in which you will have to wait a long time, more or less 30 days after they purchased your traffic, to get paid.
  • Safe payments. The platform has a state-of-the-art integrated payment system to make and receive online payments directly from your personal account so that you won’t lose any more time logging in & out from it just to make and receive payments. Besides, you can choose among payments with PayPal, Paxum, Payoneer, WebMoney or Wire Transfer.
  • Users can choose to work with different payments methods such as CPC (Cost per Click), CPA (Cost per Action), CPI (Cost per Install), CPM (Cost per Mille) and CPL (Cost per Lead).
  • Traffic and Ad Campaigns monitoring with real time statistics. Advertisers and Publishers can control anytime their traffic and advertising campaigns flows and choose the best solution for their business.
  • Worldwide online mobile traffic. Black6adv has contacts with advertisers and publishers from all over the world. This option will help you monetize all your traffic.
  • User friendly and intuitive interface. The platform is created for you! We analyzed the market and all the problems users might have working in this industry and with this service, and put them together in a single solution that will help everyone to do their job in the easiest way possible.
  • And much more…

These are just a little introduction to the services and opportunities offered by Black6adv’s online mobile advertising network. Take a look yourself giving it a try. Register on and start working in few clicks.