How To Choose The Right Mobile Ad Network

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Partner Post - ADATHA - The Mother of all Ad Networks

Posted: February 22, 2016

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Venkatesh C.R. is the Managing Director and CEO. A young veteran in the Indian IT circle, Venkatesh has been an active digital entrepeneur since 1996. He founded the Galatta Media content business and co-founded Magzter, a leading cross-platform digital magazine store, newsstand and ebook platform, which has raised $13m of funding to date. Venkatesh C.R. leads by example and believes that, with sincere and relentless hard work, “Everything is possible, especially the impossible”.
One of the hardest decisions for both app developers and marketers alike is where – and when – to advertise the product and see the success you’ve been planning for. Planning is the key, so making those decisions early in the launch plans can really pay off in app discovery and in quality app installs. There’s lots of room for flexibility and adjustment, but begin by integrating those plans into the overall project!
The new explosion in app marketing
The mobile revolution means an explosion in app marketing, and that makes for exciting opportunities but also complexity and confusion. The marketing advantage created by an end-to-end app marketer, collaborating with your business as architects of a winning strategy, is the foundation for your success. That’s because of the access to publishers and high-quality traffic, and the expertise to manage them so that ROI yields and other positive results you expect don’t just disappoint – as can so often be the case.
One of the things we see with almost all of our ADATHA clients is how well they understand the market and what needs to happen, but aren’t at all sure how to get there. Questions about everything from the best strategy – or more than one – for installs and incentives, to which publishers fit better, to crafting the messages you want for multiple channels and diverse customers is easier with pros on the team.
Getting the target audience right is the game-changer, but it’s not as easy as it looks. What is easy is to overlook segments you might not even have thought of, or given the global reach of the proven partners we work with, entire swaths of geography that you didn’t initially think it was possible to reach. Be sure that when you’re choosing an app marketer, you’re getting good data on demographics, location and location-based strategies, timing opportunities and event-driven initiatives that create a winning launch.
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Rising above the noise with a network that works for you
Ideally, that means a wide range of network options and channels that can be fine-tuned for best ROI – and remember, a good marketer will help you see all the points in the customer experience cycle. The opportunities extend far beyond the initial launch and through the engagement of your app end-user, so the platform and the expertise that backs retention is a smart choice to make and then creatively build on. This is critically true when looking at networks or pricing structure, and making informed decisions about publishers that go beyond one-and-done, one-size-fits-all matchmaking. For example, one of the factors in ADATHA receiving a 2015 award was the company’s breadth of options for aligning advertisers with individual apps so that the market models and bidding systems benefit clients.
But how do you get your app to rise above the noise of a marketplace where thousands of apps appear every day? The downside of the shrinking barriers to entry makes for a crowded environment that it’s hard to differentiate your app in, or to rise above that emerging end-user app marketing fatigue. If your own eyes start to hurt while sifting through marketing options – paid search, multiple social media platforms, icons, in-app display advertising – you already have an idea of why app marketers matter. Choosing one that works for you is really choosing one that works for your customers, so choose well!
Ultimately, that means choosing a mobile app marketer with both the resources and commitment to help you succeed, continue to advance your success throughout the relationship, and deliver the good when it comes to monetizing your app. Find an app marketer that answers all of your questions, offers the information you didn’t even think to ask about, and management capacity for an end-to-end campaign that finds the right people, in the right places, in the right framework for your business.
You can visit the ADATHA website here.