How to Build an Effective Mobile App Marketing Strategy

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Posted: May 31, 2018

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The first thing you consider when creating a new mobile application is the development process. It requires a significant amount of time and money to invest. However, advertising is much more important sometimes. Imagine you launch a good and exclusive app or a game. It may be a hit but you cannot generate revenue from your invention unless you gain your audience.
That’s why application marketing plays an essential role in your business success. Let’s try to define the best ways of the digital product promotion. The ideas listed below will help you to build a solid marketing plan and achieve great results.

Where to start

To elaborate a good mobile app marketing strategy you need to study your audience first. How to do it properly?
Try to depict your potential user base. Define your market. What people do you build your product for? What problems can your app solve? Where are your target customers? What sites, social media groups do they visit?
The first step is the creation of the user persona. That’s a detailed portrait of your core consumer. Be specific when building such profiles. Include as many details as you can.
Imagine the age of a user, gender, his or her lifestyle, likes, and dislikes, level of income, favorite mobile apps or products, etc. The information you can gather is inexhaustible. You need to create more than one persona. Any app relates to several groups of targeted customers. Try to define and describe each category.

App Promotion Ideas

When you draw a portrait of your customer it is easier to choose the most appropriate marketing tactics. From the beginning of an app launch process, you should find an appropriate ad service. At first, you need a certain number of app downloads to make your invention visible in the app stores and optimize it effectively.
You may consider AppBooster if you want to pay for results only. This is a self-service platform for app installs that allows marketers to set up multiple ad campaigns with a minimum budget. Sign up to get more information.
At later stages, think about not only the user’s quantity but their quality. To make your app a success you should build a strong user base. Pay attention to the customer engagement. If you persuade your audience that your invention is just what they need you will build loyalty.
People who are satisfied with your product will more likely to share it via social media channels. That creates a word-of-mouth effect which itself is the best promotional method.
Below you will find several proven ideas to expand your brand

  • be creative with ads (many marketers know that such kinds of commercials as native, and video ads are more efficient than display advertising);
  • do a thorough research and optimize your app for the app store (choose right keywords, create a good description and title);
  • find something unique to offer (your app features, its design should really impress users, study your competitors to make your invention stand out from the crowd);
  • be active with social media marketing (communicate with customers, try to find out what should you improve in your product).


There is no single solution for an app marketing technique. To find the best strategy take into account your app category, your audience characteristics, your marketing budget, and many other factors.

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