How to Acquire Loyal Users And Stay Prosperous

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Partner Post - GoWide - Tailor-Made user Acquisition expertise

Posted: September 30, 2015

Mobile user acquisition is like Game of Thrones; it’s tough. There are more competitors than you can handle and even if you are on the top, you can get beheaded by noon. Things are getting more serious. According to a VentureBeat research report, the cost of paid mobile user acquisition is way up. Top apps are now spending $4 to $10 per new user, while for niche and newly launched apps a new user can cost much more.
In the realm of millions of mobile apps, you either sink or swim. Even if you set up a paid campaign and get installs, there is no guarantee of conversion. People may be downloading the app but never using it – we all have apps like this on our smartphones. Users also uninstall apps as often as they install them. The point is that it’s not just about getting users, it’s about keeping them. How can you ensure that new users will be loyal to your house (I mean app) and will bring some revenue?
The answer is that you need relevant, high-quality, premium traffic. The one that you get from a customized, sustained campaign that is set up with no specific volume goal but rather high user LTV and ROI. Life Time Value is a critical metric for measuring traffic quality. It is based on three components:

  • ARPU – average revenue per user (total revenue divided by the number of users)
  • Retention rate (how often people come back to your app, three times is the minimum number for a user to be considered “loyal”)
  • K-Factor (describes the viral growth of the app, how many additional users each user brings in)

By acquiring premium traffic, app owners generate ROI positive users who bring revenue and stay active for a long time. The best premium traffic comes from same-vertical apps and narrow-targeted social campaigns. Surely you need some marketing insight or an in-house media buying team to set up a direct partnership or ad campaign on Facebook or you can just turn to a professional ad agency.
Find the right partner that will provide you with constant flow of premium traffic that is relevant to your app. Managed Buys from GoWide is a tailored user acquisition expertise that has an ultimate advantage: it provides full-cycle media buying services. That means that they take responsibility for user engagement from your shoulders and act as in-house marketing team. Starting from a single ad tap, GoWide walks the road with an acquired user until the successful conversion or sale inside the app. The main advantages of having managed buys service by your side are:
1) Managed buys service starts with a test campaign that is aimed to gather behavioral data, define target CPI and achievable conversion rate. Customized marketing strategy for your app will be based on this information.
2) Managed buys service include everything an in-house media buying team usually does including creating creatives and CTAs, launching tests, searching for the most relevant traffic sources, analyzing all funnel metrics, adjusting campaigns, providing data and reporting.
3) There are five different and effective traffic sources managed buys utilize including App Install, Social Networks, Video, Native Ads, and Retargeting. With these options the GoWide team finds the perfect traffic blend to match your budget and needs, whether it is a narrow-target audience acquisition or re-engaging potential users.
4) Although managed buys service provides all advantages of an in-house marketing team, it is actually better because you hire the best-in-class experts and you are paying them for results only.
5) GoWide has access to verified traffic sources including trending apps, Facebook and other social networks, and the mobile web.
GoWide has all of your user acquisition needs covered. When it comes to buying high-quality, relevant traffic, it’s better to entrust the work to professionals. As the ecosystem evolves, you need to have expertise by your side to help develop the right strategy.
Embrace your app, winter is coming. Check out the GoWide website here for more.

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