How The World Leading Platform Can Help Your Mobile App or Game to Succeed

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Posted: September 17, 2018

Are you a game or app developer who strive to acquire users worldwide or monetize your inventory, but got stuck somehow?

If YES, WebEye is ready to help. As the famous saying goes, “Artificial intelligence is the future of advertising. Get on board or get left behind.” Digital marketing platforms that leverage advanced technology is your go-to solution, and WebEye’s self-designed platform, Taurus, proudly ranks top 2 in Asia.

Taurus connects with thousands of apps & mobile sites and reaches over 200 countries and 50 million daily active users, 85% of which are in-app SDK traffic — enough to satisfy your needs. Plus, it guarantees easy integration, transparent data tracking etc. — every feature that its counterparts have. And it excels by giving clients immediate feedback and assistance.


Taurus is powerful: it collects live data in 20+ parameters across screens and analyzes them to profile users precisely. And by continuously improving decision-making using machine learning, it ensures that ads reach the widest, highest-quality audience with the lowest budgets. Moreover, it builds a marketplace for programmatic buying. So, advertisers feel free to place bids and optimize campaign performance. 


Meanwhile, Taurus has many direct offers and accurate pairing algorithm which result in competitive prices and high global fill rates, and thus, getting the best eCPM for publishers. Furthermore, it supports flexible ad formats and takes a human-centered approach, and thus, achieving the perfect balance between user experience and revenue growth. 

We are confident, but we are not boasting. With Taurus, WebEye provides comprehensive publishing solutions and has been recognized as one of the world’s top 10 digital marketing companies that focus on games & mobile APPs. Plus, hundreds of successful cases can prove Taurus’ abilities. Want more exact information? Contact us at!

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