How Mobile Apps Make Businesses More Efficient

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Posted: February 21, 2017

Let’s admit it that mobile apps have become an indispensable part of business processes. With increasing number of smartphone users, enterprises are bootstrapping to leverage this revolutionary technology to their advantage. Depending on the industry vertical, enterprise mobile app development has varied implications. In most of the scenarios, these apps have rendered efficient results. Their effective deployment has led to unprecedented growth in the businesses. In this context, it is important to note that usability of a mobile application largely depends on the industrial sphere for which it is conceptualized and designed. Some of the industries where this competitive trend has truly made a difference are:

Apps for Warehouse Operations Management

Although warehouse management is not a new technology, yet it has now come of age with innovative mobile app development. These apps offer modernized approach and comprehensive solutions for handling operations in a streamlined manner. The latest technological devices supported by mobile apps help the warehouse workers to use voice commands for reporting of critical operations. These devices have replaced the RF guns with their better efficiency and performances.

Apps for Field Management

Managing the field staff is a challenge for service industry. However, modern technologies have simplified these processes with inventive mobile apps. These apps are used for managing the field staff for pending customer requests and ad hoc tasks. Furthermore, they bring more efficiency in field management with instant customer feedback and integration of processes directly into the systems.

Apps for Financial Service management

In the recent times, managing your financial portfolio has become easier than ever before. A smart device with an advanced mobile application helps in tasks like portfolio management, buying insurance, and retirement planning. These are complex procedures that can be easily solved with a tablet or smartphone.

Apps for Real-Time Project Collaborations

The global organizations are plagued with a lack of collaboration among their remotely based employees. However, mobile apps with real-time access help them in managing their tasks within the strictest deadlines. The cloud technology has enabled this enhanced usability and remote access to project data.

Apps for Logistics Tracking

Supply chain management for logistics companies has become easier with GPS-enabled mobile applications. These apps use sensors and mobile devices for tracking the vehicles, truck drivers, and shipments. Also, they provide better visibility into the entire supply chain and its management simply from a handheld device.

Apps for Talent Acquisition and Management

Mobile application based training has enabled employees to receive on-the-field training for new products. Also, this technology has changed the corporate training by bringing more clarity in the modules and on-the-go classes for busy professionals. It has resulted in lower training costs and better engagement.

Apps for Configuration of Orders

Defining the customer requirements and transforming them into the right product configuration has always been a challenge for several industries. However, the same issue can be mitigated by using configuration engines connected with mobile devices of field staff and salespersons. These apps facilitate them in entering the requirements of clients into the system and configuration engines turn these inputs into product specifications as directed by the clients.

Apps for GPS-Enabled Services

Business mobile application using Beacons and geo-location features helps the users in locating a nearby restaurant, gas station, or taxi stand. You can clearly check the latest photos, reviews, and directions to the establishment by using an app.

Apps for Auto Alerts

In the recent times, leading transportation services including railways and airlines are utilizing mobile apps for sending latest updates and alerts to the customers. They have improved customer services with a real-time access to relevant information through their mobile devices.


The revolution of mobile app for business is a sustainable trend. Hence, developing a robust mobile app with advanced features has become mission-critical for businesses of all sizes across the industry spectrum. This enhanced mobility can steer your enterprise to the path of success with higher productivity and profitability. As a matter of fact, a mobile application enables a business in guiding customer interactions for more conversions.

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