How Different Trends Affect Mobile App Development

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Posted: July 20, 2017

In this article, we are going to learn about how the market and user trends impact and change the way mobile app development takes place.

People, businesses, and markets, all have an impact over how technology breeds and changes to serve over time. The way different communication factors and functional resources put together and engage among themselves to reveal value defining events and impactful possibilities, have a bearing on how we choose to accept change in technology. All these notions have a great bearing on trends. And these trends play a vital role in impacting mobile app development across all lengths and breadths of their application and impact. Let’s find which ones are the most active of these.

Rise in smart gadget technology

As per the latest updates in the mobile app development domain, the most impactful trends that affect the growth in the vertical are related to the advancement in technology. And much evidently, these include the ever-wittier ways of interaction using devices that are powered by the ever-progressing IoT technology. You have SmartWatches, SmartTVs, Tracking devices, and Smart Lens devices interrupting the mobile space extensively. This is making users grow in their choice of referring to solutions and in turn making mobile app development companies’ work towards solutions that vitally connect people and things through smart internet solutions. And this is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Growth of ingenious app development platforms

We have increasingly active propensities growing in favor of hybrid apps. Businesses are moving more towards cumulative options (cross platform technologies like Xamarin, Ionic, PhoneGap, Titanium) to reach out to their user groups. They look to cover as much ground as possible and because of this, they are making more cross-platform option coming in to match and serve this need. Quite related to that, we are even seeing programming languages for modern multiplatform apps coming in with 100% interoperability and high-quality results like Kotlin and Swift. The variance that takes place recurrently these days in reference to the way mobile app development is deliberated and approached, highly impact development trends.

Technologically advanced on-demand services 

Another important thing that is creating the difference here is the increasing involvement of technology in the segment of traditionally-driven services. More specifically, it’s called on-demand service vertical. Here, most of the services that were being accessed and used manually and without technological leverage are now interfacing with their user base through mobile apps. We have everything from Food, Home Services, Retail, Parking to Health covered in this segment. And those who are taking their initiatives towards this attempt are getting rewarded for their first mover advantage. And that’s making most of them join the trend actively.

Enormous growth of smartphones 

With the boost in acquiring and using smartphones across the globe, you can see a lot of concepts coming in and offering users with options to keep their utilities and needs served through innovative apps. Which is making a large difference in the way businesses and people are seeing mobile app development, whether to help their business get a new hike or extension of technology or maybe launch their ideas into amazingly engaging apps that interactively connect with their users. Due to which we have seen apps like Wunderlist, Pocket, Google Keep, and Letter space witnessing a boost of 125% and making many new possibilities and practices get an entry to make a difference count in the space of mobile app development.

Increasing social media influence 

The way social media is emerging to cater communication needs of people, it is giving rise to the trend of using online networks and online messaging platforms more than ever. And by the virtue of their existence, they are only able to fetch their way out to the middle with the help of app developers. So, if you are using an app like Facebook or WhatsApp you are contributing to this trend and as a user, you know how big and impactful it is getting every passing day. Which is making a number of new platforms with new ideas, facilities, and resources coming in and trying their luck and making this eventually grow into a bigger vent of possibilities, adding to the authority and presence of mobile app development.

Changing Face of Application Market

The transforming shift in power and influence of mobile platforms have a large impact on the way app development market behaves. Over the years we have seen a tremendous level of force being exerted by different platforms and their ventures in stirring and influencing the way market works. Giants like Apple and Google have been there and reflecting a different level of authorities, proposals, propositions and shares at different point of times. This has been influenced greatly by different players and practices that have been making their presence felt, serving across different tangents and dynamics of the segment – thus contributing big to the changing face of application market.


These trends have been changing the way we see and use mobile technology and will continue to do so as we grow in our wits and ways of putting up with mobile solutions. And time shall soon come when we will see new trends replacing these completely and making mobile app development experience the next level of transformation just like we have seen with this phase of changes.

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