How Automating Working Capital Can Help Your Business Grow

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Posted: November 23, 2015

It seems like everything you could ever need to get your business up and running is “as a service” today—from hosting on Amazon Web Services to communication via Slack and customer experience management via Intercom—except for the capital to start and grow your business. One-off bank loans still operate as they have for centuries—so why haven’t financial technology services kept up with the growing demand for faster payment terms and flexible options for getting capital in the near-term?
Business capital is the last frontier in the automated world. Here’s why it’s still stuck in the dark ages:

  1. Big banks are heavily regulated, and generally lack the flexibility and technological capability to rapidly change and provide the services their customers need
  2. The benefits of providing capital to small companies are often overlooked by traditional banks
  3. Businesses who need accelerated cash flow are limited to fixed options like one-time loans and credit cards, with no flexible repayment options

Capital “as a service” is a revolutionary new way of approaching growth, both from the customer/business side, as well as the capital/provider side. As more technology providers evolve from locally hosted software to on-demand services (think Uber), they provide immeasurable value to their customers:

  • Low barriers to use and purchase: affordable price, easy set up
  • Automated communication and live chat (more than 50% of consumers expect live chat capabilities)
  • Mobile-optimized and responsive websites and native apps allow customers to access services on their preferred device
  • Subscription models allow customers to “set it and forget it” while the services continue to provide value

Payability is a FinTech company that provides “capital as a service.” Publishers, app developers, and other suppliers can use Payability to receive accelerated payments of their earnings from online marketplaces. The accountability and responsibility of an “as a service” model allows us to build a lifetime relationship with our customers instead of fulfilling a one-off need. That’s why we run Payability with the same metrics and promises of a subscription service. We invest in our customers—providing flexible, on-demand financing that grows along with their business.
Capital-as-a-Service is the only solution focused on providing financing to growing businesses. Read how one company utilized Payability’s Capital-as-a-Service to reach 60% month-over-month growth.
You can visit Payability’s website here.

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