Hourly eCPMs, a Simple And Effective Way To Optimize

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Partner Post - Kimia Mobile Performance Marketing

Posted: March 23, 2016

For you, as a media buyer, there are many factors that affect the revenue you can achieve with your traffic on a daily bases. Uncontrollable factors such as socioeconomic, cultural etc, and not merely industry related (split testing, product compatibility)
How do you manage these “uncontrollable” factors in the best way possible?.
One simple option at your reach is to optimise your traffic in detail with competitive information you can directly monitor. For example eCPMs by hour per market. Ideally, you work with your account manager to review, per geo, your profitable revenue hours and the markets profitable CPM hours, and therefore you can adequate your campaigns with this information. Either to adapt your traffic flow to the best sections of the day, or, even if you have already profitable campaign, possibly duplicate your campaigns to reach more profit.
You can obtain this useful information by working with a premium account manager; a professional that will facilitate eCPMs per hour and per market, so that you know the effectiveness of your overall traffic within a geo. As well as giving you visibility into the product specifications. There are many products out there, however an AM can tell you which ones are performing best per segment and at what times. An important note, some of these products also have caps and it vital to keep this in mind and have an AM that know exactly where you should place your efforts and when.
The Kimia team is ready to help you optimise your eCPMs

At Kimia we see clear fluctuations within our major countries, specially when top converting hours begin and therefore when there is a higher competition for traffic.
In our top asian markets such as India and Thailand, the top converting hours tend to be in the local early evening, from 7 pm to 12 pm. On the other hand in the EU markets are slight differences from each other, for example in Germany conversion rates spike from 4 pm onwards whereas in Spain the spike starts after 9 pm.
Optimizing your traffic by time sections and per geo is a simple and efficient method that is available to all media buyers working with premium performance based networks.
To reach out Kimia and work with a premium account manager visit their website and become an affiliate to optimize your eCPMs for real.

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