HotelTonight sees 300% error reduction, and up to 97% speed increase using Neumob SDK

Andy Boxall | June 22, 2017

App Business

App acceleration company Neumob has released some key details about how its technology has boosted travel app HotelTonight’s conversions and speed, while reducing errors that could turn users away.

While conversion rates haven’t been revealed, Neumob says the HotelTonight app saw a 300% reduction in network errors, and a speed increase between 38% and 97% depending on location. All this from an app it described as, “one of the best engineered, with industry leading performance and among the fewest in-app errors.”

With Neumob’s two-line SDK installed, the HotelTonight app saw performance improvements in key global markets. In the U.K. it received a 38% boost, in France a 57% boost, in the U.S. a 67% increase in speed, and in Germany, the app was a massive 97% faster than before.

Mobile network errors — including missing images, timeouts, and other errors — fell below 1%, and Neumob and HotelTonight report a 393% reduction in over-the-air mobile network errors. Error reduction was highest in France, with a 459% drop.

HotelTonight’s CTO Sam “Mac” MacDonnell says the company’s pleased to partner with Neumob to help increase app performance even further:

“As a mobile-only company, at HotelTonight we’re incredibly passionate about increasing speed and reducing friction, and pride ourselves on having the industry’s fastest booking process – ‘three taps and a swipe.’ For us, every microsecond counts.”

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