Hollywood studios invest $50m in Atom Tickets startup

Andy Boxall | February 2, 2016


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Three Hollywood studios are putting up $50m in investment to help ensure startup Atom Tickets is a success when it launches later this year. The app is designed to make it easier for groups of people to manage the process of going to the movies, including deciding what movie to watch and the time they should go, to buying tickets and ordering concessions.

Atom Tickets will be released later this year, and has received $50m in funding from three major studios

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Walt Disney Studios, Fox, and Lionsgate are the three studios involved, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Kevin Mayer, strategy officer for Walt Disney Studios, said:


“The Atom Tickets app and platform is bringing innovation to the ticketing market by empowering social networks and mobile devices to make the movie-going experience seamless and convenient. Their technology not only adds value to the consumer, they will also help movie studios and theatres by providing dynamic pricing, advanced analytics, and concession and ticket couponing.”

The Atom Tickets app is being tested in a few cinemas in the U.S. at the moment, before a full scale launch goes ahead in the summer. You can learn more about the app by visiting its website here.

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