Heavy entertainment fans are more receptive to adverts and spend between 40% to 230% more on movies, TV and games

Big entertainment fans, spend more. That’s according to research commissioned by Fandom examining behavioural data of 250,000 fans on comScore’s Census Network to detect how such fan behaviours may differ from other users.
Although 98% of US digital consumers are fans of something, including TV, games or movies, the smaller population of avidly engaged fans is far more valuable. The study has sorted fans by three levels of engagement depending on their monthly spend – light, medium and heavy.
Heavy fans are far more receptive towards ads, spread the word about a product or service and as such may boost sales for brands and companies. On average, they spend 40% more on movies, 50% more on TV and 230% more money on games. They are also 20% more likely to watch live TV and 3.5 times more likely to buy a game the week it comes out.
In addition, heavy fans tend to share content more frequently. They talk about movies 50% more than lighter fans and meanwhile also create more original content compared to other fan types.

Advertisers rejoice. Heavy fans are 1.9 times more receptive toward ads in general, with movie fans being 2.6 times more receptive to adverts. However, personalised ads seem to work well across all fan segments.
Fandom now offers the ability to create profiles for advertisers trying to reach relevant entertainment audiences. Targeting has been shown to be far more effective, and it pays to know that affinity for ad categories differs depending on fan type.

Overall, targeting already engaged fans not only boosts ad views, but also sharing of content and engagement with ads and videos. Passionate fans make for an extraordinarily, engaged target for marketers.

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