Headway’s technology Smadex distinguished for Exceptional App Marketing Performance

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Posted: March 13, 2019

This article was first published on Business Wire.

The mobile-first DSP, Smadex by Headway, has ranked in the Kochava Top 20 Traffic Index, and snagged the #2 spot in the category of Traffic Quality. They have been recognized specifically for their excellent high-value user acquisition and long-term retention.

The Traffic Index, published by mobile analytics company Kochava, is a quarterly analysis of media partners that measure the quality of traffic and services each provides. The mobile marketing industry has thousands of traffic providers and difficulties with fraud, transparency and quality assurance. The Kochava Traffic Index has become a trusted and objective provider of data-focused analysis because it is based on the billions of transactions processed by the mobile measurement platform each quarter.

Smadex is the newest addition to the Top 20 Traffic Index, and ranked #2 in the category of traffic quality. They also ranked in the top five in the specific app categories of Education, Books and references, and Sports.

“We are very proud to be joining the ranks of the Kochava Traffic Index and respect the impact the initiative has had on the industry. The Traffic Index has been instrumental in shining a light on platforms like Smadex, who are focused on transparency, clean media buying, building powerful algorithms and investing in innovations to constantly improve capabilities and results,” said Jordi de los Pinos, CEO at Smadex by Headway.

Smadex is part of Headway’s set of solutions offered to mobile app marketers to grow their businesses by connecting with high quality mobile inventory and optimizing in real time using machine learning algorithms that identify high value users to each app.

“The Kochava Traffic Index improved across the board since last quarter. We’re thrilled that this report continues to help marketers find the media partner that is right for them based on key data points. Smadex ranking in the top 20 shows that they’re committed to providing quality inventory at scale to their customers.” -Mark Kellogg, Product Operations Lead at Kochava.