Headway wins Influencer Growth Team of the Year at 2019 App Growth Awards

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Posted: December 20, 2019

At the end of the day, it is all about growth. A growth of a tree or a mobile app – it starts with a handful of cells or installs, in the case of an app. With a tree you need an experienced gardener to keep it healthy, when it comes to a mobile app – it is about a team of experienced app marketers obsessed with a mobile app growth. At 2019 App Growth Awards the verdict of the 16 independent judge team for who should be the winner for the Growth Team of the Year award was presented.

The award was given to Headway mobile app promotion company.

Growth Team of the Year award is given to entries from app developers and agencies who have a team of rock stars dedicating their time to user acquisition, growth and marketing – and doing it exceptionally well!

Andrea Vasilenco, International Marketing Manager at Headway at App Growth Awards 2019

Other finalists include:

Our warmest congratulations to the Headway team. Keep being such awesome app growth gardeners and make many more brands happy with a sustainable growth of their apps.

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