Headway has been acquired by Entravision Communications – plans to boost mobile ad platform Mobrain

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 21, 2017

Headway, the company behind mobile advertising platform Mobrain, recently announced that its activities have been acquired by media company Entravision Communications Corporation which specialises in TV, radio and digital.
The deal is likely to boost Headway’s expansion across various markets and drive innovation and new opportunities for its clients.
Founded in 2010 by Martin Kogan and Agustin Coll, the company has continued to grow. It has gone from five to 152 members of staff and now has 18 offices worldwide.
Martin Kogan, CEO, Headway, explains:

“This is a quantum leap, by integrating into Entravision, we will become part of a larger organization that will provide additional scale, resources, support and synergies that continue to allow us to more efficiently grow our business and invest in product development, expansion of our team and securing relationships with new clients and partners.”

The company plans to focus on advancing its technologies and multi-channel operations across existing markets. Among other future advancements, Headway plans to make use of the new resources and continue to develop its pool of talent.
In addition, the company has said it wants to take Mobrain to the next level. With backing from Entravision, it plans to add new features to the platform and consolidate it as a leading Mobile Media Platform. Already, Mobrain ranks among the leading platforms in the AppsFlyer Performance ranking.
The company is keeping its offices globally and plans to expand further into EMEA and additional new markets. For one, this is being facilitated by its exclusive partnership with MediaMath which helps to open up the US Hispanic Market.
Other boosts include data analysis combination DataXpand + Pulpo + Luminar, as well as the company’s programmatic and video products and NativeWay.