Join “The end of IDFA – new opportunities for app monetization” webinar on October 7th

Artyom Dogtiev | October 1, 2020

App Business

One of the big updates that Apple’s iOS 14 release has brought to the table is that IDFA tracker has become opt-in. From now on, every iOS app developer has to explicitly ask his mobile app user to grant using IDFA with her or his iPhone or iPad. 

The Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) is a random device identifier assigned by Apple to a user’s device. Advertisers use this to track data so they can deliver customized advertising. The IDFA is used for tracking and identifying a user (without revealing personal information).

The webinar panel will consist of:

The panelists will discuss practical advices on successful app monetization strategies for this brand new landscape.

During the webinar you will get these questions answered:

  • What does this mean for UA and monetization?
  • What practical steps can you take with your UA strategy to succeed post-IDFA update?
  • How can you increase your paying user base to offset declining IAA revenues?

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