Has Instagram copied Snapchat’s Stories feature? And what does it mean for mobile advertisers?

Instagram has taken a page out of Snapchat’s playbook and launched Instagram Stories. The addition lets users share moments in a slideshow format. Users won’t have to worry about posting too much either since photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours.
Instagram launches Stories
Source: instagram.com
Stories from follows will appear at the top of a user’s photo feed. They can viewed by tapping on the profile photo and swiping forward. However, Stories cannot be commented on. Instead, users will need to send a private message if they want to share their thoughts.
Instagram says that privacy settings are the same as for a user’s account. If it’s a private account, Stories won’t be visible to anyone but someone’s followers and in addition they can be hidden from specified people.
Compared to Snapchat Stories, Instagram lacks some of the special and fun effects as well as geo-filters and selfie lenses.
However, it may be useful for those who had previously considered Snapchat, but didn’t want to build an entirely new followers base. It’s certainly a good way for those curious about Snapchat to test some similar features.
We doubt it’s going to replace Snapchat any time soon, but it’s certainly a threat and could cater to an older audience that views Snapchat as a ‘teenage-zone only’. Where it does pose a serious threat is in advertising.
For brands, Instagram has always been a safer choice. Sports brand Nike, for example, amassed 800,000 views in just 24 hours with an Instagram Story. That’s a lot compared to Snapchat where it’s best campaign received just 66,000 views.
Nick Sheingold, Associate Director of Strategy, Laundry Service, Nike’s social media agency, says:
nick sheingold

“Instagram is really brand friendly, so that’s a huge opportunity. Those numbers are staggering.”

The difference are followers. Snapchat hasn’t built a platform for brands, but for consumers. That’s why brands have managed to establish bigger followings on Instagram.
Sheingold adds:

“It’s just another way to communicate with fans on their terms. We know users love Snapchat, and since the Instagram experience is so similar it makes it a little easier for brands. They don’t have to develop a totally unique strategy.”

Tapping into Facebook’s advertising setting, Instagram certainly offers some great opportunities for brands to share their Stories with their followers.

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