Halloween Special: 4 Facts On The Great and Terrible “Rewarded Install”

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Posted: October 27, 2015

Halloween is almost here and in case you haven’t picked the perfect costume for your office party, we suggest dressing like a Rewarded Install. Sounds spooky, right? For many app developers and publishers rewarded installs appeared to be a frightful something that ripped off budget money and let them bleed somewhere on the bottom of app stores.
GoWide decided to reveal the deepest fears about incentivized traffic and its influence on app performance.

  1. Rewarded Installs are produced by bots.

This is actually not true. The whole point of incentivized traffic is that a user who installs an app is being motivated by some reward. It’s hard to motivate bots, don’t you think? Rewarded installs are made by real users from real smartphones. It’s an easy way for someone to make additional income, whereas the app receives authentic downloads that help get it to top charts.
If you are afraid of bot traffic, there is an easy way to distinguish it. Firstly, it’s cheaper than incentivized traffic and second, it is offered by questionable agencies. App promotional network that values its reputation will never utilize bot traffic.

  1. If I use Rewarded Installs, my app will be banned from the App Store.

Yes and if you glance under your bed, you’ll see a monster. Qualitative incentivized traffic is technically the same as unmotivated paid traffic. There is nothing illegal in the fact that users are being rewarded for installs. They may as well get interested in the app after download and become loyal customers, but it depends on the app quality as well.

  1. Rewarded Installs will negatively affect engagement metrics of my app.

The common misconception about rewarded installs is that users will not be interested in the app after it was downloaded. The fact is that motivated traffic can be a source of loyal users. According to Tapjoy CEO Mihir Shah, 30% of consumers from incentive traffic remain engaged with the installed app after 30 days. The app can actually reach higher ROI with incentivized traffic. It’s cheaper than paid installs and stimulates organic installs by increasing the app’s visibility.
Just remember that the user that came from organic traffic can leave your app just like the user from incentive traffic if app doesn’t match his/her interests and/or has poor design and navigation.

  1. I can’t utilize Rewarded Installs on a constant basis.

Yes, incentivized traffic is often used for boost campaign when an app needs a large amount of installs in a short period of time. It helps increase app visibility and reach top charts for quite low CPI. However, rewarded installs are being used by many successful apps quite regularly. It works especially well for apps with a broad target audience who gets exposed in top charts to lots of potential users.
Incentivized traffic doesn’t have hidden threats but it provides sizable advantages including a large amount of installs, time efficiency, and low CPI. The only thing you should be careful of is the choice of app marketing companies that will provide rewarded installs for your app.
AppBooster is a reliable platform for rewarded installs that offers global reach, dynamic CPI bidding, and a helpful dashboard. Live fear behind and start holiday season with a powerful partner by your side!

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