Half of shoppers bought products promoted by influencers

Anne Freer | September 29, 2020


Influencer marketing is driving an increasing number of online purchases, according to research by coupon and promotions platform Valassis.

The data shared with Mobile Marketer finds that 51% of consumers bought a product or service that had been promoted by an influencer in the last 24 months.

Among the 1,000 customers surveyed, 39% of those aged 25 to 34 years were more likely to be influenced by the opinions of social media creators.

Over a third (35%) of US consumers said they had bought a product based on a recommendation online. Another 21% were directly motivated by influencers to buy something for the very first time since March.

Brands can learn from the survey findings as it highlights that consumers are more likely to trust them if they feature an influencer they know (40%).

A quarter of consumers also admitted that influencer endorsements of brands shaped their perceptions.

The study highlights that influencer marketing has grown in importance as more people are spending time online and in-app.

Interestingly, influencers are having a positive effect on diversity with 36% of consumers saying they followed a more diverse group of influencers after racial inequality protests.

But caution is advised because 65% of shoppers are also quick to stop following creators whose values do not align with their own.

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