Half of retailers may lose sales due lack of mobile app technologies

A majority of shoppers (80%) are now using mobile apps to buy products or stay in touch with retailers. However, despite this, just half of UK retailers have actually invested in mobile app technologies.
These are the findings from a new analysis of 240 UK retailers by Visualsoft, the digital agency. The report found that just 51% of retailers had made an investment in mobile app tech. Another 61% of respondents were also not using marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay to sell their products to an expanded audience.

“Despite huge growth opportunities for retailers that use multichannel technology, more than half of the UK’s leading brands are failing to invest in these invaluable platforms – a worryingly large figure,” explained Chris Fletcher, head of onboarding at Visualsoft.

Meanwhile, eMarketer forecasts eCommerce to be among the leading drivers of retail sales growth in the UK. For 2018, the analyst firm estimates eCommerce sales to reach $126.64 billion in the UK.
At the same time, mobile sales are accounting for 45.6% of retail eCommerce sales in 2018 and will reach a share of 51.7% by 2021.

“We know that consumer behaviour is changing, with an increasing number of customers starting their purchase journey on Amazon and eBay. Our data shows that mobile devices account for over half of online transactions in the UK, so making it as easy as possible for customers to shop in this way is more important than ever,” he added.
“Retailers need to ensure they maximise sales by making the most of all available marketing tools. This could be particularly important with Easter just around the corner and future spending holidays in the retail calendar on the horizon throughout 2018.”

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