Over half of enterprises create their own mobile apps

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App development remains to be a core focus for many businesses. The latest 2015 Enterprise Mobility Report from mobile app management company Apperian confirms that 60% of the over 300 organisations surveyed have created their own mobile applications internally. 35% had their custom apps created by third-party vendors. One of the main reasons for app creation is to support core business activities and give companies are competitive advantage, say 47%. Some enterprises are building as many as 10 apps.

When it comes to enterprise apps, targeting the right user base is key to gaining lifetime users. 52% of app development programmes target user bases of 1,000 or more, with 34% aiming at over 5,000 users.

User base targeting

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Source: apperian.com

However, finding the right users does not yet ensure engagement. The research found that 65% of respondents found companies were more satisifed with internally-built custom apps. In addition, businesses lack the tools to measure the performance and usage of their apps. Only half of respondents know which apps are being used, with 48% able to tell who is using them and 42% having an insight on frequency of use.

Only 51% of enterprises can tell which apps are being used


Source: apperian.com

When it comes to app types, productivity apps offer the greatest return on investment, followed by field service and selling apps, HR as well as travel.

Top enterprise app categories


Source: apperian.com

Visibility isn’t the only concern. Apperian found that security continues to be a lead concern for many businesses. 67% of those surveyed identified security as a major challenge to overcome. 29% added that budget was an issue. Brian Day, President and CEO, Apperian, says:


“With the growth of apps in the enterprise accelerating, ensuring mobile app security in a way that does not hinder adoption has become a core requirement for mobility management. With leading organizations developing mobile apps to gain a competitive advantage and needing to reach 100 percent of potential users, we’re seeing more and more organizations moving away from legacy, device-centric management approaches to an app-centric, best-of-breed approach to mobile app security and management. This is what enables organizations to reach everyone – whether the devices are managed or unmanaged – maximizing return on mobility investments.”

The Apperian report highlights some key points enterprises can focus on when developing their own apps. This includes the development of apps focussed on core business processes and doing so internally. Organisations should also invest in strong analytical tools to enable them to target their user base more accurately.