Gummicube wins Best App Store Optimization Company at 2019 App Growth Awards

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Posted: December 16, 2019

One of the 2019 App Growth Awards categories was Best App Store Optimization Company. The one on the list of 15 for the team of 16 independent judges to evaluate and make not an easy choice, as they’re going through more than 200 applicants in varies categories.

The App Store Optimization company Gummicube is the one the judges decided to give the award to.

This award is given to entries from platforms and agencies offering ASO services that can demonstrate they are leaders in the ASO field and experts at getting apps in front of potential users. App Store Optimization is one of the app marketing services that from the very early days of the Apple’s App Store and then Google Play Store has been one of the major drivers behind an app growth. As opposed to Top charts, ad networks, app reviews in media, search is truly native app marketing channel, based on people’s intent to find an app they need for some specific purpose.

Gummicube team at the 2019 App Growth Awards

Other finalists include:

Guys, you’ve made it, congrats to the whole Gummicube team, keep rocking it the next year and on and on.

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