Grocery app use in 2018 jumps by 50% in the U.S.

Andy Boxall

In App Business. September 6, 2018

Grocery delivery apps are experiencing considerable growth in the U.S., with eMarketer data showing an almost 50% increase in use over 2017. The company states 18 million adults in the United States will use a grocery app at least once a month in 2018, up 49.6% over last year.

This will lead to an even more improved 2019, where one in 5 adults will use an app to order food. eMarketer included apps that deliver produce and perishable items, along with apps specialising in meal kits.

Patricia Orsini, senior analyst at eMarketer, said:

“Shoppers are becoming more comfortable with ordering online in general, and grocery is a part of that. A key hurdle, traditionally, for ordering fresh produce and other perishable items online has been delivery time, and the desire to hand-select produce and meat.  Retailers have been able to transcend these barriers with click-and-collect models of delivery—order online, pick up in-store.”

It’s noted that just 2.8% of all ecommerce sales come from food and beverage apps in the U.S., and eMarketer calls the segment, “under penetrated.” However, while there is opportunity, a negative experience with a service could mean a consumer does not return to an app, meaning it’s important to get the service right from the beginning.